A small time, self taught lesbian artist. :]

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Pink [Among Us]

I used to like Pink, but it's a much too saturated pink, so now I'm a red main.

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Hazel (Xosa Rising) [Dungeons and Dragons]

I turned an old, unused D&D character into my back up character for Xosa. She went through a LOT of redesigns until I finally settled on that last masked version. She will, unfortunately, be introduced some time either next week or the week after that because Tez has plans to leave the party for certain reasons.

She's an eladrin elf death cleric. :]

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Eliss Reinbet [FFXIV]

I recently started playing FFXIV with a friend. I'm a little ways away into Heavensward (just got to azys lla!) and I've already cried like 15 times. This game is killing me bro. Here's my WOL, with his current design being the one with the braid.

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Tinder (A Simple Task) [Dungeons and Dragons]

Some times your PC gets possessed by a wizard before your party notices and you gotta play your back up character for a while :

Anyways, our current objective in AST is to get back to Tinder's home country, where she's wanted for murder and her knowledge of guns, to stop a vampire from turning her dead sister undead! We gotta go undercover, of course, so I guess it's lucky that that wizard cut and dyed her hair for her while he was possessing her huh? We had a shopping trip, too, and now I get to completely revamp her design and put her in an outfit she'd usually never get caught dead wearing. Huzzah

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Power (Xosa Rising) [Dungeons and Dragons]

My DM has a smaller one-shot series that we play between the arcs of Xosa. It's a high level game with level 20 characters set, depending on the one-shot, before the current events of Xosa. Our next game with these characters will be this Saturday, around 7pm cst over at https://www.twitch.tv/dicendeception !

The character I play is a drow sorcerer with a black dragon "bloodline". We've homebrewed some aspects (including the time stop spell!) and my DM has given us each our choice of a boon. I chose, of course, the boon of high magic which gives me an extra 9th level spell slot.

My kid here is named Eliss, and of everyone in the party, I'm pretty sure he's the most serious character with a tragic backstory lmfao. I really can't wait to play more of him! And my girlfriend will be joining us as a special guest on saturday too!

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Tez Stonemour (Xosa Rising) [Dungeons and Dragons]

Long time no see, huh fellas? Xosa has been on a small hiatus, so I've spent the past month doodling. And playing FFXIV.

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An Anonymous user asked:

Your art is lovely! I wonder do you do rp at all? Or just stick to D&D?

Oh sorry for the late reply!! I don't check my waterfall all too often. But thank you! I'm glad you like my art!

I unfortunately do not RP much, I mostly stick to D&D. But if you're interested in the two campaigns I play in, we stream them every Tuesday and Saturday at 7:30pm CST here: https://www.twitch.tv/dicendeception !

I also have one very short story I wrote about my tiefling cleric, set roughly 16 years before Xosa Rising. I'm much more active on my twitter if you want to see my art more consistently. <3



Jonathan Sims [The Magnus Archives]

This man has my whole heart, and I'm not ready for the end of this podcast. Ugh.

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Chihiro Fujisaki [Danganronpa]

My gal Chihiro deserved better, thank you.

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Summer Moira [Overwatch]

Think we'll get a skin for Moira for the upcoming Summer Games? God I hope so. Love my wife.

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Bad End Akira [Persona 5]

Guys one of my favorite artists has a really fun Bad End P5 au and you should all go check it out. Their twitter can be found here!

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Art Dump [6/29/2020]

I'm alive! And, also guys, me and my D&D friends stream our sessions! On Tuesdays at 7:30pm CST we stream A Simple Task, where I play (or, well, USED to play) a fire genasi gunslinger! A lot has happened in the past few episodes, and now I play an Order of the Mutant Bloodhunter Longtooth Shifter. At the same time on Saturdays, we stream Xosa Rising where I play a tempest cleric tiefling! :)

You can catch our streams here!

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Well I finally got caught up on TMA [The Magnus Archives]

I have so many feelings about this podcast ugh

also i made an avatar of the vast-sona because there was an avatar sona thing going around on twitter and the vast is my babe

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Art Dump [6/5/20]

Sup fellas. It's been a while huh? Just a friendly reminder that I post all my art on my twitter, which you can find here!

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Imposter [Dungeons and Dragons Comic]

GHGH i can't go into any detail on this one in case any of my party members find me here, BUT please know that as soon as Thol's backstory is revealed and a thing™ happens, i can spill all the beans.

Never Enough [Dungeons and Dragons Comic]

Everyone in my party, with maybe the exception of our wildmage, has parent issues. :(

Art Dump [Dungeons and Dragons]

So much has happened in all the campaigns I'm in,,, In my Roll20 one, I almost got one-shotted by a phase spider. It did 16 damage to my measly 17hp pool, and in Roendal my character almost immidietly made the entire party suspicious because he failed a deception check.

Most of these doodles are for my Roendal campaign. My PC is a high elf rogue named Thol Rainborn, and his backstory is uhhh a lil wild. I really can't wait for the big fuckin reveal and the rest of the party will probably immidietly turn on me lmao

[Speed Paint](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OWzFn2LVYQ "Speed Paint)

[Link Tree](https://linktr.ee/Raziel "Link Tree)

Friendly reminder to not use any of my art without my permission! Ask first please!